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Playstation 3 at E3 in playable form... [New]
Sony has cryptically announced that the Playstation 3 will be in playable form at E3 in May, although it is uncertain whether there any actual titles will be present, or just tech demos. Additionally, Sony will make an announcement about the system at the end of March....
PS3 to out perform Xbox 2? [New]
An ElectronicArts executive has indicated that Sony's PS3 will have more processing horsepower than Microsoft's Xbox 2.
Speaking to BBC News Rory Armes, European studio general manager for EA, said, "The rumours are that PlayStation 3 will have a little more under the hood than Xbox 2."
Samsung ships 256Mb XDR chips [New]
Samsung has begun mass production of 256Mb Rambus' XDR memory chips. The devices transfer data at eight bits per clockcycle yielding 8GBps, ten times faster than 400MHz DDR SDRAM. They also incorporate Rambus' Differential Rambus Signal Level (DRSL) technology, Samsung said.
XDR is held to be a strong contender for inclusion in Sony's PlayStation 3.
Playstation 3 Cell Processor Clock Speed Revealed [New]
According to a report on Team Xbox, Sony is scheduled to reveal finalised plans on the mysterious Cell processor - the one pencilled in to power the PlayStation 3 - at next month’s International Solid State Circuits Conference to be held in San Francisco.
It is claimed that IBM, Sony and Toshiba will present four technical papers at the event showing a 4.6 GHz clock speed for the processor.
"Father of PlayStation" slams Sony's strategic failures [New]
Kutaragi is pushing the PlayStation Portable as a combined platform for games, music and movies, and the forthcoming PlayStation 3 home console is also expected to offer significant media functionality as well as a powerful videogames platform. [excerpt]
Cell processor unwrapped… kinda sorta [New]
The STI group’s (Sony, Toshiba, IBM) new Cell processor is generating some serious buzz in the chip community, and not just because it’s supposed to crank out all sorts of nasty cycles—if you haven’t been paying attention, it’s supposedly going to be the heart of the PlayStation 3.
Video game giant EA set to flex its muscle... [New]
"The economics of the game business are at the verge of forcing consolidation or elimination," said John Taylor, managing director and chief analyst for Arcadia Investment Corp. "The price tag to develop a new game for the new platforms (PlayStation 3, Xbox 2) is going to be a minimum $10 million. This is a game for haves, not have-nots." [excerpt]
Sony PSP envisions Wi-Fi on the go! [New]
The application describes a number of scenarios for connecting a portable game player to a "base computing device," which could be a PC, a central server, or an advanced game console such as the upcoming PlayStation 3. [excerpt]
Playstation 3 details unpicked...
SOMETIMES THINGS in life just aren't worth bothering with. After spending an hour yesterday researching the architecture of the PlayStation 3 to explain to a curious reader, it is typical that, this morning, I come across a paper explaining it far better than I ever could.
NVIDIA's next-generation GeForce chipset will power PlayStation 3
"This is the next generation GPU," Roman told the site. "After the GeForce 6 series this is going to be the next generation... It will support DirectX 9, Shader Models 3, it will be the most feature-rich, the most powerful GPU that we've ever created."
Devil May Cry producer Tsuyoshi Tanaka has reconfirmedthat the series will be heading for PSP, and also said that the next instalment of Dante's adventures will be heading onto next generation consoles, presumably meaning the PS3.
EA and Vivendi weigh in for Blu-Ray in next-gen disc struggle...
Leading game publishers Electronic Arts and Vivendi Universal Games have joined the standards battle over next-generation disc media by lending their support to the Blu-Rayformat which will be used in PlayStation 3.
Sony hits convergence note in video-game-music combo
Q. How is PS3 (PlayStation 3) going to do vs. Xbox 2?
A. I have no idea — no information yet on PS3. I know that they're (Microsoft) saying they want to come out first. I guess that's their strategy. Not much more to say about that. [excerpt]
Toshiba @ CES - CELL processors for all TVs in 2006 and more...
Toshiba has announced that the mysterious CELL processor, set to be used in the Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) console, will be in all their TVs in 2006 as well. This should coincide with the PS3 launch, which may be released next year.
Rambus moves on PlayStation rumors...
Shares of Rambus Inc. jumped more than 5 percent in volatile trading Wednesday, apparently the result of speculation about use of the company's memory-chip technology in Sony's much-anticipated PlayStation 3.
Playstation 3 GPU: NV40/NV50 with XDR DRAM
Some speculations has appeared on the web claiming that the Playstation 3 graphics processing unit (GPU) will be a combination of NVIDIA's present and future generation architectures and will have a built-in memory controller supporting Rambus' XDR DRAM.
Playstation chip starts at 90 nanometre...
The initial Nvidia chip is likely to be built on 90 nanometre marchitecture. This is not such a surprise as ATI's R520 will be a 90 nanometre chip and it's scheduled for spring 2005. The R520 is 90 nanometre but even if R500 turns to be a 110 nanometre chip it will get shrunk to at least 90 nanometrea. We are in the dark about R500 chip so we are not sure here.
NVIDIA PlayStation 3 GPU to be completed by end of 2005 [New]
We'll see "final production silicon later on in the year" according to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang.
NVIDIA's graphics processing unit (GPU) for PlayStation 3 will be completed by the end of 2005, according to US Internet reports citing comments made by chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang to investment firm Morgan Stanley this week.
PS3 Tech News & The PSX Relaunched! [New]
This week, Sony announced that NVidia, the graphics giant of GeForce fame, will be powering Sony’s next-generation consoles. The merger is yet another stick of kindling into the fires brewing over next-next-generation console, PS3. The proverbial marriage of these two companies bodes well for Sony’s upcoming cell-based console. With a powerful and well-known graphics giant at the helm for their GPU, the PS3 is starting to look more real, and also like it may be a great system. What more can we expect from Sony, anyway?
Playstation 3 to arrive spring 2006 In Japan...
So the Sony Playstation 3 is due to get out in spring 2006 for Japanese market. North America will get its version even later than that as it's expected that Americans and Canadians should be able to get one in fall of 2006. Europeans will have to wait a lot longer.
Playstation 3 to use Nvidia graphics
THE GRAPHICS CHIP for the next generation of the Playstation will be based on some flavour of Nvidia technology. Sony and Nvidia made the joint announcement today, but gave little details of what the graphics processor will do for the Playstation 3.
PlayStation 3 chip goes easy on developers!
The "Cell" processor that will power the next version of the PlayStation game console will also be adaptable for advanced scientific research, but you won't have to be a rocket scientist to program it.
Xbox 2 and Playstation 3 will be wireless...
It’s not a big surprise, but the next generation Sony and Microsoft consoles willcome with wireless built in, allowing them to act as hubs. The idea is inevitable with all the buzz about making the game machine a standard part of every living room.
Team Ninja Developing for PS3?
In a recent interview with IGN Xbox, Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki hinted that the renowned Japanese developer is planning at least one game for either the PS3 or Nintendo Revolution.
First look at PlayStation 3 chip!
Sony, IBM and Toshiba have released limited data about the so-called Cell chip that will be able to carry out trillions of calculations per second. The chip will be made of several different processing cores that work on tasks together. The PlayStation 3 is expected in 2006 but developers are expecting to get prototypes early next year to tune games that will appear on it at launch.